I Need You Lord (Lyrics and Chords)

Mike Lapid
Intro: Bb A7 Dm... Bb C7 F

Verse 1
Bb                         C/Bb
All the pains and sorrows make me
Am                          Dm
wonder what's life for.

        Bb                 C/Bb              Am               Dm7
And I begin to question is this what I'm looking for.
  Bb                           C/Bb           Am    Dm7
I just can find the reason for all harsh realities.

          Gm7                           Cm7/Eb      Gm7/C  C7
I need someone else to tell me why all this.

                      Bb         C/Bb               Am  Dm
I need You, Lord, just stay here by my side.
                    Bb     C/Bb                    Am              Dm
I need Your love; I know I have no chance against all odds.
                   Bb           A                        Dm
I need You, Lord, for all the pain and sorrow now...
                 Bb                C7                  F
There's no other love I think I'm sure about

Verse 2 (Same Chords as Verse 1)
Man is like a flower that is here and gone today.
Yesterday he had power but today it is nowhere.
Can he ever measure the realities of life.
He needs someone else to tell him why all these.
(Repeat Chorus)


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