Lord I Lift Your Name On High (Lyrics and Chords)

Intro: G-D-C-D (x2)

G       C                          D      C
Verse 1:        Lord I lift Your name on high
G       C                          D         C
Lord I love to sing Your praises
G        C                          D    C
I'm so glad You’re in my life
G        C                          D            C
I'm so glad you came to save us

G                       C              D
Refrain:         You came from heaven to earth
     C             G
To show the way
         C            D
From the earth to the cross
      C         G
My debt to pay
               C                  D
From the cross to the grave
               Bm               Em
From the grave to the sky
          C           D             G-C-D-C
Lord I lift Your name on high

G        C                         D      C
Verse 2:        Lord I lift Your name on high
G          C                      D        C
Lord of wonder and salvation
G            C                      D    C
With our voice we magnify
G                C                D         C
The God of every generation

2013 | Catholic Songbook™

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