Take and Receive (Francisco SJ) (Lyrics and Chords)

Song Title "Take and Receive" Lyrics and Chords
Prayer from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola
Music by Manoling Francisco, SJ
Album: The Best of Bukas Palad vol. 2

Intro: D - D/F# - G - G/A (2x)

Verse 1
                    D            DM7       GM7
Take and receive, O Lord, my liberty,
                 F#m7     Bm7      F#m7    Bm7
Take all my will, my mind, my memory.
     D/A      GM7   G/A          F#m7     A/B
All things I hold,    and all I own are Thine.
B7                 Em7     G/A      D
Thine was the gift, to Thee I all resign.

Verse 2
Am7 D7   GM7 A/G    F#m7             B7
Do Thou direct, and govern all and sway,
                       Em     G/A        DM7   D7
Do what Thou wilt command and I obey.
               GM7  Gm6             F#m7       B7
Only Thy grace,   Thy love on me bestow,
                          GM7 F#m7 Em7     G/A  D
These make me rich,      all else will I forego.

End: D/F# - GM7 - G/A - D - D/F# - GM7 -D 

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